Ontwikkeling en productie van veiligheids laminaten voor de Hurtigruten cruise schepen

In cooperation with VINK Plastics Norway, Sabic Innovative Plastics (NL) and the Norwegian shipyard, Allpast has been delivering Transparent Multilayer Safety Panes.

This first ship named Roald Amundsen, was sailed of at the 3rd of July last. Hurtigruten’s new expedition ships, will be powered with an advanced hybrid battery package.

Before the production of the special polycarbonate laminates, thorough FEM calculations have been executed by Sabic, in order to withstand all the levels of wind and water pressure during bad weather conditions off shore.

The picture below shows the new cruise ship from the famous Hurtigruten, where at the new Panorama deck (see: red bow), all the safety panes have been installed.

The delivery and installation of the same Safety Panes for the second ship the Fridtjof Nansen, has taken last week (see pictures above).
The Allplast Team thanks all the partners involved for their utmost cooperation and wishes the tow new Cruise Ships a safe journey!