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Allplast is a specialist in the development of products for personal protection. We do not just develop bullet-proof and burglar proof laminates, but also products designed for personal (ballistic) protection. This includes:

  • bullet-proof and splinter proof visors
  • bullet-proof shields in durable composite materials

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Development under our own management

Allplast has its own development division which is continually active in developing new and improved protective products. In doing so we make use of new developments in the field of materials, such as the development of thermoplastic fibres (e.g. based on PE and PP), improved types of glue and innovative material combinations in laminates.


Bullet-proof and splinter proof visors

Within our range we offer bullet-proof laminates which are extremely suitable for making curved applications, such as visors. Allplast has the knowledge and technology in-house in order to develop and produce these visors. Properties of plastic laminates within our product range:

Offer protection against bullets from .22 to .44 magnum in accordance with EN1063

  • No Spall.
  • Lightweight and excellent facial protection offered.
  • Applied for example in a visor for arrest teams.
  • Comfortable to use, due to the extremely light weight.


Bullet-proof shields

Allplast has developed a new sort of bullet-proof shield, which has been specially developed for the requirements of the end user. The bullet-proof shield serves as:

  • support for police arrest teams.
  • Protection against bullets up two calibre .44 Magnum.
  • Given a lightweight and ergonomic form.
  • Offers the user unsurpassed forward visibility.
  • Unique potential for use of firearms without thereby reducing protection.


Military applications

In 2011 we started testing the splinter resistant properties of these laminates, specifically to offer a solution for military applications. Examples are bomb disposal equipment (visors), military glasses and other personal protection devices. Splintering is tested in accordance with NATO standard STANAG 2920.



Please feel free to contact us, so that we can look at and discuss the extensive possibilities and applications. We would be pleased to work with you to find solutions.



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