Burglar-proof laminates

Allplast has developed and tested its own burglar-proof laminates in accordance with the EN 356 standard. Our aim has been to make very thin and lightweight products that do not require any special operation or maintenance. The result is a portfolio of products which provide a solution for the most demanding burglar proofing applications. Our range of plastic glazing:

  • SecuLam P6B laminate: resists 30-50 hammer and axe blows
  • SecuLam P7B laminate: resists 51-70 hammer and axe blows
  • SecuLam P8B laminate: resists>70 hammer and axe blows
  • Impact resistant laminates

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SecuLam EN356-P6B

SecuLam P6B is the first of three products which aim for the three highest levels of burglar proofing and forced access, as described in EN356. Properties of P6B:

  • lightweight
  • thin and scratch resistant
  • limited splintering (spall)
  • virtually no flying shards of glass and glass splinters
  • a number of varieties available

Our tests have established that it has very high resistance to burglary and attempts at forced entry with a hammer or axe. Double glazed/insulated varieties of this product are available.


SecuLam EN356-P7B

SecuLam P7B is lightweight, thin and scratch resistant due to the external layers of glass. This enables the product to be used and cleaned in conventional ways. Insulation is possible. Properties of P7B:

  • higher protection than the P6B
  • resistance is higher due to the Layers of material than the P6B


SecuLam EN356-P8B

SecuLam P8B is our strongest burglar-proof product. Tests have demonstrated that this laminate is virtually impossible to break through with impact weapons such as a hammer, crowbar and axe. Properties of P8B:

  • very high resistance to breaking
  • suitable for the heaviest burglar proof applications
  • lightweight
  • relatively thin and scratch resistant
  • no specialised maintenance required
  • permanently insulated versions are available


Applications of safety laminate

  • shops (jewellers)
  • buildings (burglar proof glazing for offices forming part of warehouses for the storage/transfer of tobacco goods, electronics, precious metals)
  • (vending) machines
  • cash machines
  • chemists
  • prison doors


Impact resistant laminates

Thin, lightweight, impact resistant, flat laminates for applications in amongst other things trains and trams, but also for example in ferries.

  • Extremely thin and light
  • specially for application in vehicles such as the Windows of trains and buses
  • resistant to very heavy static and dynamic strain
  • no flying glass splinters
  • with plastic middle layer
  • can be used in insulating glazing


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