Bullet-proof laminates

In recent years we have successfully extended our activities with the addition of bullet-proof and ballistic protection. Allplast develops lightweight bullet-proof laminates for a variety of glazing applications. The various types of glazing comply with the bullet proofing standards  EN1063 and STANAG 4569.

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Bullet-proof laminates compliant with standard EN1063

In standard EN1063 (bullet-proof glazing) we offer lightweight products in all protection classes BR1 to BR7 and  SG2. This glazing is specially developed for:

  • military vehicles
  • warships (e.g frigates)
  • civilian vehicles
  • buildings (embassies/prisons etc.)


Bullet-proof laminates compliant with STANAG 4569

In standard STANAG 4569 we offer bullet-proof glazing for application in heavy military vehicles. These laminates are specially developed to offer protection against heavy military fire weapon ammunition under extreme circumstances. Within this class we offer the protection levels I to level III.


Application of safety laminate

We have provided a variety of automatic dispensers and vehicles with safety laminate, also with bullet-proof laminates. We have applied safety laminate in:

  • shops
  • petrol stations
  • vending machines
  • cash machines
  • pick up points of pharmacists 
  • military vehicles
  • bull dozers and digging machines
  • prison doors
  • surveillance and patrol vehicles
  • vehicles for the bomb disposal service (Dutch EOD)


Who do we work for?

We principally supply our ballistic laminates to:

  • OEM’s, (manufacturers of defence and military vehicles)
  • defence ministries
  • shipyards (passenger ships, frigates)
  • builders of automatic vending machines
  • architects and engineering firms who build for (amongst others) embassies
  • care organisations (third sector) or rehabilitation/prison


Curious about the possibilities?

Please feel free to contact us, so that we can look together and discuss the possibilities. We would be pleased to work with you to find solutions.



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