Plastic plate materials

The processing of plastic plate materials is one of our specialities. A great variety of processing techniques and extensive experience in the processing of plastics enable us to satisfy your wishes.

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Types of plastic plate materials

We process a variety of types of plastic plate materials, such as:

  • uv-resistant plastics
  • opaque plastics
  • food approval plastics
  • impact resistant plastics
  • scratch resistant plastic plate materials
  • technical plastics


Transparent and non-transparent plastic plate

Allplast has access to a large assortment of plastic (plate) materials, in varieties that are both transparent and non-transparent. Some examples are:

  • polycarbonate, incl. multiwall plates
  • PETG
  • acrylate
  • SAN
  • foam PVC
  • trespa
  • dibond
  • ABS

With this variety of materials we can manufacture a great diversity of products for you.


Available for order from stock

Our transparent plastic plates can be ordered from stock. We have a large quantity of thicknesses and sizes available in our warehouse for this.

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