Technical parts processed in plastic

Allplast is your partner for the production of functional laminates. Allplast has a great deal of experience with laminating various materials and foils between polymer and glass layers. Functional laminates are produced in our autoclave. With the specific production procedure we can melt layers of plastic together under vacuum and at temperature. 

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Laminate technical parts together

The strength of functional laminates is that you can laminate technical parts into them at the same time. Below are a number of examples of products that we have realised in this way:

  • interchangeable foil (transparent to non-transparent)
  • foil for interactive touchscreens
  • foil for solar panels
  • laminating of sensors and electronic components
  • protection of electronic circuits and wiring


Curious about the possibilities?

Would you like to know what we can do for you in the field of functional laminates? Please feel free to contact us and will be pleased to tell you more about our innovations.



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