Production techniques for composites

Allplast is skilled in most of the techniques currently in use in the field of composite processing. In particular we are specialised in producing high-tech products using an autoclave, but equally we also use methods like vacuum injection and hand lay-up.

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Autoclave processing

The processing of composites in an autoclave is a technique whereby composite materials are processed to make high-quality products under high pressure and temperature. It is possible with this technique to achieve extremely high levels of accuracy of measurement and of surface quality. Allplast has a great deal of experience in the manufacture of high-grade housings for, including other things, optical apparatus for defence applications. Additional possibilities are the application of metal inserts and the use of integrated electromagnetic screening.

Advantages of autoclave processing

  • Possibility of processing virtually all composite materials currently in use: prepregs (carbon, glassfibre, aramid), thermoplastic composites (PE, PP), resin bonded systems (eg. hand lay-up)
  • Perfect relationship of fibre/resin is possible due to the use of prepreg-materials
  • High-quality due to high level of controllability of process variables
  • High level of surface accuracy and dimensions due to high pressure
  • Faster production due to increased temperature, thereby reducing the cure time required.


Laminating by means of hand lay-up

Hand lay-up is the most simple technique for the processing of composites. This method can only be applied for products with only one smooth side. The quality of the other side will depend on the structure of the fibre reinforcing that is used. The complete composite element is built up entirely by hand in this technique. With the use of a roller, spatula or brush the resin is applied and the whole product is sealed and air is removed with a disc roller. In this way multiple layers can be processed.


High-tech finishing

We have experience with the processing of technical elements in the composite products that we wish to make. Examples of this are metal attachment points, seals, laminated windows etc. We can also apply various materials within the composite laminate whilst processing, such as electromagnetic screening.



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