Materials for processing of composites

Allplast makes use of the latest materials for the development of products for our customers and for our own products. Besides this we are experienced in the design and production of conventional composite materials, such as carbon and fibreglass materials.

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Types of composite

Materials that we apply in composite processing include:

  • thermoplastic composites
  • carbon composites
  • aramid composites
  • glassfibre composites


Thermoplastic composites

Composite materials based on thermoplastic plastics that are easy to process/reuse. These materials are very interesting due to their unique ballistic properties (bullet proofing). These materials are processed in our autoclave to lightweight ballistic protection products, such as shields, body armour, bullet-proof vests and bullet-proof inserts.


Carbon composites

Carbon, also known as carbon fibre, has three important properties:

  • lightweight
  • rigid
  • strong material

The material is known for high-tech applications in the aircraft and (car racing) sports. Carbon fibre is applied increasingly frequently thanks to the impressive mechanical properties of this material. Allplast has a great deal of experience in the processing of carbon fibre prepregs. In doing so the resin content and the type of resin are optimised for specific applications. In our autoclave the composite is processed to a final product under high pressure and temperature.



A very strong and rigid material, that is also very resistant to high temperatures. Aramid is used, amongst other things, in bullet proofing applications, due to the unique properties of the fibres. At Allplast we also process this material in prepreg form for specific applications. Besides this we combine this material with, amongst other things, carbon fibre and glassfibre composites in order to adjust the mechanical properties of the final material.



Glassfibre is a well-known composite material. This material is suitable for many applications and is extremely affordable. Glassfibre is also frequently processed by us in prepreg form. Our suppliers of materials can supply a variety of products, so that we are able to offer a solution to virtually any design problem.



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