Composite applications

Using our autoclave we can process a variety of composite materials to create end products. These products are developed entirely under our own control. Thanks to our suppliers we can choose from an extensive selection of materials, enabling us to virtually always come up with a suitable solution for a composite. Besides this there are countless options, such as the integration of electromagnetic screening, metal inserts, etc for application in your end product.

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Autoclave applications

Autoclaving of products takes place, amongst other things, for:

  • bullet-proof shields for arrest teams
  • ballistic protection plates
  • protective cases and containers
  • composite housings, or composite parts


Application of composite materials

Composite materials are used for a variety of target groups. Amongst others, we manufacture composite products for:

  • sport articles/products
  • the aviation industry
  • shipping
  • naval
  • drones


Application of carbon materials

Our carbon materials are applied by us in the following industries:

  • naval
  • machine construction
  • medical sector


Custom advice

New materials and products can be developed entirely in accordance with the wishes of our customer. Our composites are prepared in a dust free area and processed in our autoclave. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the various options and applications. We would be pleased to offer you advice tailored to your needs.



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