Development lighter and thinner armour synthetic glass for the Ministry of Defence in the Netherlands

Development lighter and thinner armour synthetic glass for the Ministry of Defence

On 29 June, Allplast was able to present itself at the national Officieren-dag der Genie, at the Prinses Margriet Kazerne in Wezep, to many officers and policymakers within the army.

The Codemo project

All delegates were informed by the employees of Allplast about the status quo regarding the Codemo project in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence. Indeed, approximately two years ago, Allplast started the development of lighter and thinner armour glass in collaboration with TNO, the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and the plastic manufacturers Sabic (Bergen op Zoom) and Arkema (Paris).

Reduce weight of bullet-proof glass

The aim is to significantly reduce the weight of bullet-proof glass, by, for instance, replacing as much glass as possible with plastic. This is very interesting to Ministries of Defence (governments) and, for instance, manufacturers of army vehicles, because for every kilogram that can be spared, there is a chance of a higher “pay-load”. A weight reduction of several dozen kilograms means that the action radius can be increased or that more essential loads can be taken with.


Advantages of plastic

The delegates were very surprised to be able to see what can be achieved with plastic. Less glass in a bullet-proof panel does not only mean less weight, but also a better view at impact. Furthermore, it was explained that the level of protection can be increased by, for instance, using a variety of different plastics and building layers.

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