Albatros Thermal Imager

Besides producing bullet-proof laminates and ballistics Shields, for a while now Allplast has been processing amongst other things glass fibre and carbon fibre materials, using hand lay-up technique and autoclave processing to create fine end products.

Carbon is used for a number of customers of Allplast because of its excellent mechanical properties, making the measurement tolerances extremely accurate. In our autoclave the composites are processed under high pressure and vacuum.

Infra-red camera detection system

Many NATO member states have opted for the Albatros Thermal Imager. This is an infrared camera detection system for naval ships (including frigates and aircraft carriers). Allplast makes the carbon housing for this with EMI Shielding. The Albatros Thermal Imager is an optical radar system with a day and night time tracking camera observation system for middle range and long-range distances. This enables amongst other things ‘incoming projectiles’ to be accurately detected and intercepted with defensive weapons either from the shore or from the naval ship involved itself. The camera system is also used to prevent Marine pirates/smugglers and illegal immigration.

Building in cameras, electronics and infrared lenses

In the carbon housing from Allplast, which is delivered following autoclaving and finishing together with precious metal attachments, the cameras, electronics, (sensor, smart video system) and infrared lenses are assembled by the customer himself. The carbon fibre housing is lightweight, unaffected by changes in temperature, and protects all the ‘internal electronics/apparatus’ against corrosion and rust; the housing for this is delivered by Allplast gas/airtight.

Experience and craftsmanship

Allplast’s personnel have been working on the Albatros for many years. It remains a great challenge to construct this housing. A lot of experience and craftsmanship goes into it. It is an excellent process from laminating, autoclaving to finishing; each step in the process has to be accurately noted and documented.


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