vizieren voor persoonlijke bescherming

Medical visors

Allplast develops and produces medical visors. These visors are used in the medical field such as in hospitals and dentists practice. Our medical visors can be featured with a scratch resistant or anti-fog coating, in order to guarantee optiomal sight in all working conditions.

Medical visors for hospitals

The medical visors ensure that doctors in hospitals can work safely and that the mouth and eyes are fully protected. The sustainable visors from Allplast help to prevent facial injuries. The medical visors are extensively applied in hospitals.

Medical manufactures visors for dentists

Allplast manufactured medical visors for dentists .The entire process from concept to realization is all in our hands. The medical visors are constantly improved and optimized for optimal use and protection. The visors are very comfortable by the pleasant fit. Also for glasses wearing people, the medical visor can easily be worn. It prevents nasty injuries to the face, or damage to the eyes.

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