vizieren voor persoonlijke bescherming

Bullet-proof visors

Allplast is the supplier of bullet-proof visors. Our ballistic visors are laminated from various transparent plastics. The visor is designed so that full facial protection against multiple ballistic impacts. The bullet-proof visors by Allplast provide protection against bullets from .22 to .44 magnum (NS) according to the EN1063 standard. The visors are used for:

  • arrest teams
  • Police Corps
  • military services

Due to the extremely low weight our bullet-proof visors are very comfortable in use.

Ballistic visors

Ballistic visors provide protection against ballistic forces, such as bullets and innovating to improve the quality of our free protection and ballistic visors. Allplast is a specialist in this area and is constantly of ballistic face protection and ballistic visors. The visors of Allplast have been tested extensively approved and are easy to mount on a helmet.

High-quality ballistic visors

The high quality ballistic visors from Allplast protect the face and eyes from projectiles which can hit the face directly. By the ballistic visors is significantly reduced the risk of facial injuries. The visors are used by military services, police forces and arrest teams nationally and internationally.

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