Blast container

We have developed a new (anti-terror) grenade suppressing container for indoor use. This model is compact and easy to install. This new model features an outer shell, which improves the container’s ability to block grenade shrapnel. 

The blast container can be used in case of

  • bomb threats
  • post and data rooms
  • lobbies
  • parcel services & reception areas

In addition, this model can be used as a pre-emptive measure in embassies and public spaces, such as:

  • train stations
  • metro stations
  • football stadiums

This product has the following benefits

  • The blast container with outer shell is designed to prevent the disastrous consequences of grenade fragments dispersing into the immediate area of the explosion. The shock wave/blast will be directed inwards.
  • The blast container with outer shell is highly suitable for indoor use and can serve as protection against suitcase bombs.
  • This model has been tested and put into use by the German Bundespolizei (federal police).
  • The blast container can endure three explosions and, therefore, does not need to be disposed of after an incident.

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