Ballistisch schild

Ballistic shield

Allplast has developed a new ballistic shield. The bulletproof shield is tested and approved by  TNO Ypenburg Laboratory for Ballistics Research (LBR).

We are proud of the approval, given the fact the shield has to meet strict requirements. The NIJ level 3A shield is designed in cooperation with police and intervention teams. Due to intensive cooperation the shield has excellent ballistic properties.

Shield for both arrest and intervention teams

The shield is excellent to use for both arrest and intervention teams. A few properties of the shield are:

  • Light in weight 
  • Practical in use
  • Quickly deployable in arrests and interventions in teams

Despite the low weight the composite materials offer very high protection against bullets and other ballistic threats.

Tactical shield

Due to the curved design of the tactical shield the ballistic performance will be improved. The curved design also prevents deformation during mechanical stress. The shield has an innovative handle which eases the use of the shield; both in static positions as in combat situations with a high level of threat.

High ‘stop value´ of bullets and fragments

The used composite materials guarantee a high ´stop value´ of bullets and fragments. Due to high stiffness the shield barely deforms at an eventual bullet impact.

Extremely light-weighted shield

The main construction is made out of high-quality thermoplastic materials, like lightweight armour UHMWPE. The used raw materials are 25% lighter than conventional materials which are processed axially. Therefore, the ballistic shield is much lighter than the usual tactical shields. This causes usability to increase, while the protection level remains the same.

Properties ballistic shield

Below you can find some of the properties of the shield:

  • Materials – high performance cross-ply PE
  • Protection level Nij level 3A, 44 mag, 9x19mm Ball 9x9mm, action effect, .357 Mag.
  • Thickness approx. 8 mm
  • Weight – 8 kg
  • Outside finished with a carbon layer
  • Dimensions (max.) 1150 x 650 mm.

Personal preferences

You can specifically indicate your personal preferences for a shield. Perhaps you prefer power LED lighting or you prefer the handle to be on a specific position, so the shield is even more efficient in use. Optionally there are some more possibilities:

  • Integrated dual high-power LED illumination
  • Shield can be equipped with or without bulletproof view window
  • Modifications (within the dimensions of 1150 by 650 mm)
  • Inside handle on the desired specific position
  • The outside can be finished in a variety of materials, for example laminated carbon or printed foil with logos reversals or tags.

Are you interested in our ballistic shield? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. This can be done without further obligation.


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