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Allplast makes use of the latest materials for the development of our own products and of products for our customers. Allplast has its own development division, which can also assist you if you desire custom solutions.

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In-house development

The advantages and the strength of our own development division:

  • Extensively active with the ballistics applications of recently developed thermoplastic composite materials.
  • Improved laminates and composites of our own development.
  • Materials that are developed in combination with our autoclave process offer clear added value in relation to alternatives.
  • Access to the latest plastic plate materials.
  • Even better mechanical and optical performances.


Continually developing

In order to be able to supply high-grade products we continually examine our processes and products. Developments and processes where we are making innovations are:

  • Application of lighter and improved material
  • Use of advanced plastics and fibre reinforced composites
  • Further improved protection against many ballistic threats
  • Thermoplastic fibres (e.g. based on PE and PP)
  • Innovative combinations of materials in laminates



In order to achieve the best results in the field of ballistic laminates (bullet-proof products), Allplast works together with:

  • Market leading resin manufacturers of acrylate and polycarbonate
  • TU/e (Technical University of Eindhoven)
  • TNO  (Defence Research)


Wish to know more?

With the combination of knowledge, technical expertise and personal attention for you as a customer, Allplast BV is certainly the right place for all your questions and applications. For a personal discussion or an illustration of our techniques, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to work with you to find solutions.

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